Welcome Our Interns to Kenya!

Ken-Ya Believe It!  The time has arrived for us to host three Interns in Kenya this summer....and we are sooooo excited about their arrival.  Two of the Interns will arrive on Friday, June 14th and the other on Sunday, June 16th.  Yep!  ...this coming weekend.  (www.kenyabelieveit.org)


Nakisha DeShields, Charlotte, NC.  Nakisha has served on three previous Kenya Mission Teams.  Her love and passion for Christ shines through in everything she does.  However, youth hold a special place in her heart.  Below, Nakisha gently washes the head of an infant, as she prepares to see the medical doctor.  This photo was taken during the medical camp in the Loruko Village, Isiolo, Kenya.

Onnica Gildersleeve, Charlotte, NC.  Onnica has served, previously, on one Kenya Mission Team.  She too has a passion and heart for Christ that is exemplified in the way she ministers to young people.  Below, Onnica is loving on an infant at ABC (The Abandoned Baby Center) at Feed The Children in Nairobi, Kenya.  (onnicaonamission.blogspot.com)

Omega Tennant, Nashville, TN.  Omega is an Anthropology Major at Vanderbilt University.  Her love for Christ is demonstrated by a genuine heart to love God's people.  She has served as a Cross - Cultural Worker in several countries.  She will join us in Kenya after having served eighteen weeks in China.  We met Omega during The Mission Society's (our mission agency) training in Huancayo, Peru.  This photo was taken as we visited some of the ancient ruins in Peru.

These three beautiful young women will serve alongside us with several ministry partners; including local churches, youth ministries, church planting ministries, orphanages and more, in Nairobi and Isiolo.  Ministry opportunities will include teaching, leading Bible Studies, assisting youth pastors, sport and film evangelism for children and young adults.  They will also facilitate Kamp Kenya.  Kamp Kenya is an international mission opportunity for youth, from the United States, between the ages of 13 and 18.  Eight youth and two chaperones from our sending church, The Park Church, under the leadership of Bishop Claude R. Alexander, Jr., Charlotte, NC, will join us in Kenya for two weeks.  Nakisha and Onnica are both active members of The Park Church.

Nakisha, Onnica and Omega attended Exploring Mission Training, at The Mission Society, Norcross, GA.  The training is "an introduction to discipleship and cross-cultural ministry".  It is under the leadership of Darrell Whiteman, whom we affectionately call "Uncle Darrell".

Please join us in welcoming Nakisha, Onnica and Omega to Kenya!

Stay tuned for updates on these wonderful women of God!  God seeks to use them, individually and collectively, in unique and powerful ways in Kenya, this summer.


Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

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  1. Exciting! Praying for all of you as Nakisha, Onnica, and Omega arrive and settle in!


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