30 "Indestructible" Balls in 30 Days

2007 soccer ball donation
Ken-Ya Believe It? We found an "indestructible" ball, which is EXACTLY what we need for our Sports Ministry in Kenya! One World Futbol has created the perfect tool for "the bush".

On Wed., March 6th, we kicked off our 30/30 Initiative: 30 Balls in 30 Days...and we need YOU in order to make our goal! Our Promo Code is KENYABELIEVEIT. When you enter our Promo Code you will receive $1.00 OFF your total order.  Enter our email address, KENYABELIEVEIT2011@GMAIL.COM, One World Futbol will send an email notifying us of your order.

2010 soccer ball donation
Since 2007, we have donated more than 15 balls to different villages and communities in Kenya; however, the balls were all destroyed in just a few days, due to the rough terrain and harsh conditions. There's a bush in Isiolo called "wait a minute". When you get too close to the bush you literally yell "wait a minute", as you attempt to free your hair and/or clothing from the long spikes. Whew! It's a sight for sore eyes and quite funny once you confirm that everyone is ok. The spikes have been known to puncture the thickest soles on team member's shoes, so imagine what they do to a soccer/futbol or someone's foot.

With these details in mind it's easy to imagine why "indestructible" balls are necessary for our Sports Ministry.  This is where YOU can help!  Click on this link "ONE WORLD FUTBOL" and place your order TODAY!  Remember to enter our Promo Code: KENYABELIEVEIT, to receive $1.00 OFF and to ensure we receive proper credit for your order.  Please enter our email address KENYABELIEVEIT2011@GMAIL.COM in the "This is a gift" section and One World Futbol will notify us of your generous donation.

In addition to your personal donation, we ask you to do the following:
  1. Share our 30/30 Initiative with others, by forwarding this blog and by sharing our Facebook Page, Ken-Ya Believe It. 
  2. Make our 30/30 Initiative a group project for your sports team, class, choir, school, etc. There's power in numbers! To date, nine (9) balls have been donated! Praise God! Will YOU be the next to donate a ball or several balls? We sure hope so....place your order NOW while it's fresh in your mind. 

Thank you in advance for your donation.


Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

30/30 Initiative: 30 Futbols in 30 Days

The Park Ministries-Kenya is partnering with One World Futbol. One World Futbol has designed an "indestructible" futbol (football) which is exactly what we need for our ministry, in Isiolo "the bush". Ken-Ya Believe It's 30/30 Initiative has a goal of 30 balls in 30 days, March 6 - April 6, 2013....and we need YOU to make this vision a reality. We use sports ministry to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2007, we have given 15 or more soccer/futbols. However, the balls are destroyed in a few short days because of the rough terrain and dry conditions. Click on "ONE WORLD FUTBOL", on our blog, to make your purchase and read stories of how One World Futbol is changing lives around the world. Enter our PROMO CODE: KENYABELIEVEIT and One World will send the ball to us. It's just that simple! Make the 30/30 Initiative a group project with your soccer, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball team, etc. We will send pictures and updates on the donated futbols. Currently, one (1) ball has a been donated! Will YOU be the next to donate a ball or several balls? We hope so....Place your order TODAY, by clicking n the link to the right or visit www.oneworldfutbol.com. Be sure and enter our Promo Code, KENYABELIEVEIT. JOIN OUR 30/30 INITIATIVE "TODAY" AND CHANGE A CHILD'S LIFE! Thank you in advance. Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

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