Safe Arrival to Kenya!


GRATEFUL!   We are grateful to God for safe travel and arrival in Kenya!  

THANK YOU!  Thank you for your prayers and support as we traveled.  Thanks to each individual who called, emailed, face booked, texted or sent hilarious messages by others.  We appreciate your prayers and concerns!  Special thanks to everyone who assisted with preparation, including supplies, packing, organizing and transportation.  A very special thank you to all who met us at the airport, whether it was to assist with luggage; or to provide hugs, kisses, laughter and photography, etc.  We sincerely love and appreciate each one of you for making our transition smoother.  On behalf of our parents and families - THANK YOU!!!!!!!

THE JOURNEY!  We arrived at Charlotte - Douglas International Airport at 12pm.  Items in the luggage was rearranged and checked - in in 45 minutes!  No lines on Memorial Weekend?  Wow! We appreciated the help and commentary coming from our "friends" during that process.  Ha.......  LOL!  We prayed as a group; gave and received hugs and kisses, and a portion of the group left the airport.   We sat down to chat a few minutes with a couple of friends when several more came in and joined the fellowship.  Thank you!  We laughed a lot, shared mission stories, took a few photos and headed to the gate.  Our flight left Charlotte at 3:10pm, headed for our Newark, New Jersey connection.

We arrived in Newark with only 15 minutes until boarding of our next flight, headed to Zurich, Switzerland.  We were out of breath but able to smile for this VERY close photo, once we were seated on the aircraft.
Whew!  When we sent a text asking others to pray that we would not miss our connection, the response was "run"!   ....too funny but that's EXACTLY what we did.

Here are a few photos Zurich and the Swiss Alps.  Absolutely breathtaking!  How great, how great is OUR God!

From Zurich, we took a flight into Nairobi.  Since 2004, we have always arrived in Nairobi at night so we were very excited to arrive in daylight.  It was like arriving in Kenya for the first time.  
Here are a few photos of our arrival.

Who do you see in this photo?

Again, we sincerely thank you for your contributions to our smooth transition back to Kenya.

Here are our most pressing prayer requests:
  • That we are able to adjust to the time change quickly.
  • That all plans and preparation are in order, according to God's standards and expectations, as we receive our first team of 2013 on Wed., May 29th.  Pray for safe travel and arrival from Florida.  Pray for their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being during travel and for their time in Kenya.
  • That all plans and preparation are in order, according to God's standards and expectations, to receive our Interns in June.  Please pray for the final stages of their People Raising.  Pray for safe travel and arrival, as two Interns hail from the US; and the other from China.  Pray also for their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being during travel and for their time in Kenya.
  • Pray for the youth and chaperones who are planning to participate in Kamp Kenya.  Pray for fruitful and effective training; supernatural favor in People Raising; a speedy Visa process/return of passport and bonding among the team.
Thank you again for your ongoing prayers and support.  May God richly bless you for your service in His Kingdom!

Until we blog again.....


  1. So glad you made it safe! I went to the Zumbathon!!! OMG! I had to be picked up off the floor and then had the nerve to go to the Boot Camp! Help me Jesus. It was so good to see you guys and if God's plans allow me I hope to see you soon!
    Bless you, I will be praying

  2. I am thankful for your visit, gifting and safe journey back home. You made a difference in the cities, countries, villages, towns and homes you both frequented. I am blessed to have witnessed the genuineness and the authentic calling on your lives. God is at work and He is choosing to do so powerfully through the two of you. Keep praying, keep listening, keep loving and keep being obedient to His call. Cheryl and I love you both.

  3. Greetings; we just want to let you both know that, although we did not get a chance to spend much time with you when you were here, our hearts are still with yeah! We are glad to know that you made it home safely and we look forward to spending time together in the near future, as the Lords will continue to be done! Rev. Pass thank-you for "The Word" preached while you were here! Blessings to you both!

    Paul & Kim

  4. Hey Sis, thank you so much! We really missed spending our usual time with the two of you and we will make sure it's different next time. We know that you all are praying for us. Please know that the both of you have a VERY special place in our hearts, today and always. We look forward to our time together in the future. Amen! To God be the Glory for His preached Word. Blessings to you and Bro. Paul!


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