Education: Lions, Tigers, Elephants, 48 Hours of Walking….

A long walk home.
Mbebilia is from Isiolo.  She's one of the girls we sponsor for education.  The photo above was taken during a school visit.  From the main road it took us FOUR HOURS, driving on rough terrain, to reach her school.  The road in this photo is SMOOTH, in comparison.  Mbebilia's school is a day and boarding school.  She is a boarding student, which means she lives on campus during school terms.  BUT she WALKS TWO FULL days/nights, through "the bush" to and from school, at the beginning and end of each term.  Very dangerous due to wild life…some children don't make it.  Literally walking through the "living rooms" of the King of the Jungle, tigers, elephants and more.  Ken-Ya Believe It!
This photo was taken on the way to Mbebilia's school.

We are truly grateful that our child is now in school, after beginning at the age of nine…but CHANGE IS NECESSARY!

PRAY for Mbebilia's safety.

PRAY with and for us as we seek the way forward with her education.  

PRAY about sponsoring a child.  There are so many more Mbebilias.

Ken-Ya Believe It?  IT'S TRUE.

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The Team is Coming! The Team is Coming!

This photo, JUST IN, hot of the press in the weeeeeeeeeee hours of the morning! (Imagine the "pig" from the Geico Commercial……."weeeeeeee").  The Kenya Mission Team just before their departure from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Wilson.

Yep!  You heard correctly.  KEN-YA BELIEVE IT!  Eight women from The Park Church are on their way to Serve Christ in Kenya!  We just received word that they have arrived safely in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  PRAISE THE LORD!  The team is heading in this way.  Please continue to cover the them in prayer.

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Aug. 12th Prayer Requests:

  • The peace, power and presence of the Holy Spirit as we prepare to receive the team.
  • Favor, blessings and protection over lodging, building and ground transportation.
  • Safe arrival of all luggage.
  • Favor in Customs upon arrival at Nairobi airport.
  • God would provide perfect peace throughout the entire mission.
  • Safe, restful and peaceful sleep for all.
Until next time……Be blessed!

In HIS Grip,

Rev. Crawley and Rev. Pass

One Week Later!

KenYa Believe It….. last week we were making our way back home to Kenya!  We praise God for safe travel and arrival.  We landed in Nairobi a little later than scheduled but we arrived safe and sound, along with all of our luggage.  Grateful!

We would like to thank you for each visit, telephone call, text message, Facebook message, etc., as we prepared to depart.  THANK YOU!  A very special THANK YOU to family and friends who came to the airport to see us off.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU to every person who checked to make sure we arrived safely in Kenya!  THANK YOU!

We would also like to thank all of our donors, especially our monthly donors!  THANK YOU! Thank you to all of our NEW DONORS!  THANK YOU!  And for those who cared for us effortlessly and tirelessly during our time in the US!  THANK YOU!  To every person who donated supplies, including tuna, drink mix, suitcases, financial support, etc.  THANK YOU!

We are still adjusting to being back home!  We have been resting, while finalizing plans for the arrival of The Park Church, USA Women's Mission Team.  They will arrive in five short days. Please pray for the mission, as well as safe travel for the team.  Updates for the women's team will be posted to this Blog.  Sign up for automatic updates by providing your email address in the field marked "Follow by email".

Lastly, we are still seeking monthly ministry partners.  Please click on DONATE NOW to make an online donation and/or to become a monthly partner.  Tax - deductible donations can be mailed to The Mission Society, Attn: Crawley/Pass Account #3020, 6234 Crooked Creek Road, Norcross, GA 30092.

Here are a few photos of our travel back home.

Greensboro, NC…...

Newark, NJ…….

Brussels, Belgium… (sorry our windows were scratched)

It was dark when we arrived in Nairobi.

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Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

PRAISE BREAK! Up! Up! ….and Away!!!!!

We have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations…and we are only speaking of the last twenty - four hours!  We've waited, prayed and cried, while anticipating timely provision from our Heavenly Father.  Any my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.  Phil. 4:19

With that said, we are heading back to Kenya next week.  Up!  Up!  …and Awaaaaaay!  Homeward bound!  Thank you, Father!  PRAISE BREAK!

Here's a glimpse into the last twenty - four hours.

Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  Heb. 11:1

We couldn't SEE the funds but we booked flights any-how!  We booked our airline tickets "in faith"!  Yep!  IN FAITH!  We knew it was time to go so we acted like it!  Tickets please.  So the airline tickets were on hold….for several days.  The days passed and STILL no money.  More prayer please!  Yesterday, we asked individuals to pray specifically for our financial needs (more about those powerhouses later).  We would loose our reservations if they were not paid for by the end of business, Thurs., July 24th. But God!  This morning we received a call from a"new" donor that the money for one of the tickets had been mailed to The Mission Society (TMS). PRAISE BREAK! 
Please don't focus on the donation for ONE ticket.  Do you remember our "anonymous" $10,000 Matching Grant, via TMS?  Ok.  Since the donation was made by a "new donor" the money they submitted DOUBLED, which gave us the funds for the second ticket!!!!!!  Another PRAISE BREAK!   And, the same person became a new monthly donor! Yaaaaaaaassssss!  PRAISE BREAK!  But that's not all…..

Airline Tickets - CHECK!

Pray continually.  1 Thes. 5:17

Photo by Ken-Ya Believe It!
Earlier, we mentioned asking individuals to pray specifically for our financial needs.  We were seeking twelve (12) new donors at $50 each per month, for eighteen (18) months, to meet our monthly goal. The sooner, the better!  So we asked individuals who KNOW how to get a prayer through…..a direct line to glory. In addition to praying for us, TWO of the prayer warriors also became new monthly donors.  And one more monthly donor was added during an evening meeting!  Boom!  Allow us to do the math…..twelve minus four equals eight.  We now need a minimum of eight new monthly donors at $50 each.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  (Crescendo please…say it louder each time).  PRAISE BREAK!  But that's not all…

New Monthly Donors - CHECK!  Thank You!

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.  Ps. 55:22

In most cases we wouldn't celebrate excess baggage but this time is an exception.  One of our requests from the previous Blog was money for excess baggage, two pieces to be exact. No monie,  no checkie, your excess baggie.  LOL!  Today, an individual donated enough money to pay for one extra piece of luggage. Amen! PRAISE BREAK!  But that's not all…

Excess Bag (1) - CHECK!  Thank You!

For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.  Entirely on their own…  2 Cor. 8:3

Previously, we requested the following items, in preparation for our return to Kenya. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! Today, we picked up bags of supplies from several donors.  Others donated resources for us to purchase personal items.Tomorrow we will retrieve more items. PRAISE BREAK!

Donations - CHECK!  Thank You!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Phil. 4:6
  • Your continuous prayer support!
  • More monthly donors!  Click HERE to SIGN UP NOW!
  • Lump sum donations!  Click HERE to DONATE NOW!
  • Funds for one more extra piece of luggage ($150).
  • Additional supplies and/or resources to purchase supplies.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.  
James 5:16b
  • Pray for our packing and preparation.
  • Pray for our parents as we prepare.  May the presence and peace of our savior cover them all.
  • Pray for safe travel to the airport and a smooth check-in and baggage check.  We depart on Wed., July 30th, from Greensboro, NC.  
  • Pray for safe air travel and the safe landing of each flight, at it's scheduled destination.
  • Pray for a smooth transfer through Customs and that all luggage arrives with us.
  • Pray for safe travel to our home upon arrival in Kenya!
  • Pray!  Pray!  Pray!

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In His Grip,

Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

Luggage, Toothpaste, Tuna and Other Stuff!

Time is winding down!  Departure is near!  Homeward bound!  Kenya here we come!  Yippeee!

THANKS to ALL who continue to support us during our time in the US.  THANK YOU for your prayers, calls, texts, facebook messages, emails, smiles, hugs, meals, conversations, lodging, and so much more.  THANK YOU!  We could never fully express our gratitude for/to our financial supporters.  THANK YOU!  We are truly grateful for your sacrifice and demonstration of love for God, for the people of Kenya, and the two of us!  Because of YOU we are able to walk out the Call God has placed on our lives, to serve cross-culturally, individually and collectively.  THANK YOU!  

Many of you have asked "Can you give me a list of things you need?".  Well, there's still time for YOU to help……THIS WEEK!  READ ON… find out how!

These items are either unavailable or super expensive, in Kenya.  If you can assist, please let us know by Thurs., July 24th.  We can be reached in the following ways.

Rev. Crawley:  (704) 605 - 7949
Rev. Pass:       (704) 713 - 0859
Facebook:       Ken-Ya Believe It


  • Crest Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste | Quantity: 3
  • Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste, Fresh Clean Mint | Quantity: 3
  • Drink Mix, Sugar Free | Flavors: Lemonade, Pink Lemonade.  Quantity: Many!
  • Luggage | Measurements: 62 inches total (27"x21"x14")  Quantity: 2
  • Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion | Quantity: 3
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser | Quantity: 3
  • Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil-Control Foaming Cleanser | Quantity: 3
  • Starkist Tuna Pouch, in water.  NO CANS PLEASE! | Quantity:  10 - 15 envelopes 


  • Excess luggage fees (Contact us directly for details).
  • Personal medications (Contact us directly for details).

Read!  Pray!  Respond!  Share!

Feel free to contact us with questions.  We look forward to hearing from you this week!


Sonia and Sonji

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ALL Airways Lead to Kenya…Get on Board!

Photo taken as we were flying….
ALL AIRWAYS LEAD TO KENYA….as we prepare to return "home" to Kenya, we still need YOUR support. THANK YOU to all of our current and previous supporters!  We are grateful for our NEW donors also!!!!

God has and continues to show himself faithful, true, mighty and strong.  We have received over $9,000 in donations since mid - March.  An INDESCRIBABLE praise GOES RIGHT HERE!  We are grateful, humbled and honored!  THANK YOU!  But the task is not complete and the struggle is REAL!

We need $1,200 additional monthly support.  We need an additional $6,000, yesterday (…not a typo)!  There are several ways in which YOU can DONATE TODAY!  (I.e. individuals, groups, churches, organizations, etc.).

We have received a $10,000 Matching Grant, from a generous donor through The Mission Society.  PRAISE GOD!  WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!  That means YOUR $100 donation has the potential of becoming $200. What an awesome and amazing God we serve.  So NOW is YOUR time to get involved.  Join God where He's already working, in Kenya, and become one of our monthly donors TODAY.  ALL donations are tax - deductible, when submitted to The Mission Society; whether by snail mail or online.  So don't delay……mail your donation or go online TODAY.

As a donor you help to….

  •  Make disciples who make disciples
  •  Provide medical treatment for orphans and widows
  •  Provide resources for sustainable living
  •  Send young people to school….and so much more!

Here are a few ways YOU can DONATE TODAY!

  1. If you are ALREADY a monthly donor, increasing your monthly support by $5 / $10 / $15 / $20 will help us reach our goal.  Your $10 increase will be matched by our grant!
  2. Become a NEW monthly donor TODAY!  100% of your donation will be matched by our grant.
  3. Give a LUMP SUM donation TODAY!  Your donation has the potential to double!  No amount is too small…..from $10 to $50,000 or more……

Mail Donations to:
The Mission Society
℅ Crawley/Pass Account. #3020
6234 Crooked Creek Road
Norcross, GA 30092


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$10,000 Matching Grant! DONATE TODAY!

We need your support!  

Below you will find details on a generous $10,000 Matching Grant to support the ministry in Kenya!  

Read!  Pray!  Give!  Share with others!  REPEAT!


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Praise, Prayer and So Much More!


So by now you've seen the Cue Card Video, RIGHT?  (If not, check out our Blog Post for Wednesday, February 19th).  Watch!  Pray!  Give!  Share!

Well TODAY, we have awesome updates and exciting news on how YOU can join God where He's already working.  We are seeking "new" ministry partners and donors, for the Kingdom work in Kenya.   So click on the link below and read the reports of Prayer, Praise and So Much More!

The answer to YOUR question….How can I get involved, TODAY?  ….is just one CLICK away!

Enjoy!  And we look forward to hearing from you soon.


March Prayer Letter!

A Cue Card Video from Kenya!!!!


We are so grateful to God for the opportunity to Serve in Kenya!  

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          …and THEN encourage others to..

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Asante sana (Thank you very much)!

Baraka (Blessings),

Sonia and Sonji

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