The Nursery is Coming….The Nursery is Coming…..

You have read correctly! The Nursery is Coming…to Isiolo!

Before we continue, several thank you's are in order!

First, we thank Ron and Juanita Lewis for having the heart of God, which translates into a heart for His children, in Isiolo. Thank you for successfully launching, promoting and managing the fundraiser to Rebuild the Nursery, in Isiolo.  

Secondly, we thank ALL donors for your willingness to participate in this fundraiser, for the sake of the children. We are grateful for your sacrifice and humbled by your response. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.  

Lastly, we would also like to thank each person who prayed for the success of the fundraiser. Because of your sincere and earnest prayers, hearts were touched and individuals responded to the leading of the Lord. 

We are happy to report that demolition began on Tuesday and was completed on Thursday! Hallelujah! It was "our plan", along with the contractor, to have the building completed today, Friday! However, according to the contractor, the demolition was more of a challenge than he imagined. Apparently, there were a few strong components remaining in the structure. Who knew!  

Below, you will see photos of the old building, the demolition process, including a few surprises, as well as preparation for the new foundation. Take a gander at the progress.  

Why did they stop working?
Oh!  Wow!  A scorpion.
And a snake skin!  Yikes!

Stay tuned for more updates and the completed building!

Baraka (Blessings),

Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

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