Maisha Pamoja (Life Together) T-Shirt Campaign

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Maisha Pamoja means Life Together in Swahili.

Seek Justice!  Love Mercy!  Walk Humbly!

KenYa Believe It  seeks to equip, empower and transform the lives of indigenous and marginalized communities, for a sustainable future and guaranteed eternity.

As Cross-Cultural Workers, we have the privilege and honor of doing life together (Maisha Pamoja) with women, who are on a creative journey of hope, healing and restoration.  In partnership with others, we will to provide comprehensive services and resources for women between the ages of 28 and 40.  Your support of this campaign, by purchasing these beautiful t-shirts will allow us to assist them in...

  • Healing from mental and physical oppression, depression and bondage.
  • Hope for a better tomorrow and a sustainable future, through life skills and job/vocational training, as well as, safe and affordable housing. 
  • Restoration from fear, rejection and shame, to dignity and honor.
Current Mentee: "For the first time in my entire life I know what love is and I know what it means to be loved."

Additionally, Maisha Pamoja will serve as a bridge for female graduates of our Discipleship Training Center (DTC), in Isiolo, by providing further capacity building and empowerment.

Female DTC Graduate: "Because of the training and empowerment I received, women in my village rented a small plot of land and began a community garden. Now, we have food to eat and sell, so we also have money to send our children to school, for the first time ever."

These are just two examples of what this project has already done.

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Seek Justice!  Love Mercy!  Walk Humbly!

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  
And what does the LORD require of you? 
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. 
Micah 6:8

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Thank you!

Sonia and Sonji

Perspective is Relevant!

Been in the States for a couple of months now. After several conversations, we (Sonia and Sonji) expressed to one another that we had NO desire to live in the US, ever again. Actually, that's nothing new. We've had that same conversation countless times over the years.

No. We are not anti-US. We were born and bred here. We are proud to be Americans (well, most days).

No desire to live in the US but there's a life - altering training that Sonji wants to attend. And it's offered in the US. Uh-oh.

Perspective is Relevant!

Perspective Meaning: noun. a particular way of considering something. to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way.  - Cambridge English Dictionary.
Photo Credit: Sonia Crawley. Taken inside the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Hampton, VA. © 2016.
Visited Georgia about four weeks ago. Several scheduled meetings. The first meeting turned into a second meeting because Sonji discovered the program that Sonia has been searching for. And it's offered in Clarkston, GA, USA. Uh-oh.

Clarkston is known as "the most diverse mile in America." It was designated as a refugee settlement site in the 1980's. Home to over 40 different countries. Educate yourself on the refugee crisis.  It didn't just begin. Wow! It's like living in Kenya, in America. Uh-oh!

We met the managers of the program and the director of the organization. We visited neighborhoods representing multiple countries from around the world. Needless to say we were overwhelmed, but in a positive manner. In the course of a few months, we went from hearing about Clarkston, to visiting Clarkston, to meeting people in Clarkston, to driving and walking through communities IN CLARKSTON, GEORGIA, USA. Uh-oh!

And then it happened. We sat at the elementary school crossing zone as classes ended and students departed. A plethora of nationalities exited the school. So awesome! Our guides explained that there are over 140 different dialects spoken at this one school. Be still our hearts! Cross - cultural overload, in the best way possible. Culture! Diaspora! Diversity! Language! Backyard gardens! Community! At the end of the day, Sonia coined Clarkston, GA as "my new happy place." She had NO idea how much power those four words would hold. Uh-oh!

Time would tell. Kairos time that is.

Now remember, we met the director of the amazing program.

So two days later, we extended our time in the US. Why? To fundraise because our account at The Mission Society is in a deficit - AGAIN!  Sidenote to some! THE main note to us! We need monthly donors and lump sum donations TODAY. Yep! So click and become a donor today. Our Four Digit Missionary ID is #3020!  Or give a lump sum of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or even $50,000. No amount is too small or too large. As a matter of fact, we are seeking 100 new donors to give $60 per month for 18 months.  Join us where God is already working in Kenya!

With the need for resources in mind, we believed the Lord was leading us to Georgia. Where exactly, we weren't sure. Although Clarkston, GA was ringing pretty loud. (Sidenote: The fact that something is presented multiple times does not necessarily mean its the perfect fit for your destiny. Sometimes it simply means something came up more than once. Counterfeits may appear multiple times but clarity is found in stillness and prayer). Confirmed! We needed to be in an environment that would grant us the opportunity to network and share the ministry, with new contacts. Pray for us please! And give!

Now that our time was extended, we needed a place to live in Georgia. We posted a message on a private Facebook Page and asked a few friends to send emails. We asked if anyone had a place for us to stay for the month of June, at little or no cost, in or around Norcross and surrounding areas. And guess what? God provided. No surprise there! We received multiple offers. Within 48 hours we confirmed our new home. Check this out. A fellow cross - cultural worker sent a message, "my neighbor said he would love for someone to stay in their home while his family goes on a mission trip." The same dates we needed lodging in Georgia! Wooo hooo! And guess who it was? It was the same director we met while visiting programs and neighborhoods in Clarkston, GA. The same life - altering program we want to attend in the good 'ole US of A.  Uh-oh!  So we are now house sitting for the family. Where? (raise your voice about three octaves and say), CLARKSTON, GEORGIA, our new happy place!  Only God! His timing!  Kairos, that is!

Just like Abram in Genesis 12:1, God showed us exactly where we had to go! Clarkston, GA, USA. So we're here…now what? We are attending meetings, as invitations are extended, and making contacts. But in the words of a wise woman spoken Friday morning…right now you must just be. That's what the Lord has been saying to us for some time now, individually and collectively. He said, "you just be who I have called you to be. In your choosing to be, you also choose to Be still and know that I am God; in that I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted among the earth." To human eyes it looks one way (confusing, wasteful, unnecessary, etc.) but to God it's clear, unwasteful, and necessary! Through this journey we are constantly reminded of Isaiah 55:8 for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. So we find ourselves resting in the uncomfortable, unknown, ambiguous places where peace abides as the still small voice of the I AM confirms each moment and lights the path. We are ok! We cannot see beyond today yet we are not aimlessly wandering. We are intentionally still yet moving by faith. In the words of Stormie Omartian, we have "Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On: Trusting God in the Tough Times." Yep! That's us and we are glad about it.

Perspective is Relevant!  

Timing is Important….Kairos time that is….. Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the 'supreme moment'). Wikipedia.

Relevant Prayer Requests:

  • That we remain diligent and attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • That we do not become weary on this journey of faith.
  • That we intentionally be wherever we are.
  • That someone else is encouraged by this walk of faith and obedience.

KenYa Believe It's Ministry Mission Statement: To equip, empower, and transform the lives of the marginalized and indigenous for a sustainable future and a guaranteed eternity.

Facebook: Ken-Ya Believe It: Sonia Crawley & Sonji Pass

The Nursery is Coming….The Nursery is Coming…..

You have read correctly! The Nursery is Coming…to Isiolo!

Before we continue, several thank you's are in order!

First, we thank Ron and Juanita Lewis for having the heart of God, which translates into a heart for His children, in Isiolo. Thank you for successfully launching, promoting and managing the fundraiser to Rebuild the Nursery, in Isiolo.  

Secondly, we thank ALL donors for your willingness to participate in this fundraiser, for the sake of the children. We are grateful for your sacrifice and humbled by your response. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.  

Lastly, we would also like to thank each person who prayed for the success of the fundraiser. Because of your sincere and earnest prayers, hearts were touched and individuals responded to the leading of the Lord. 

We are happy to report that demolition began on Tuesday and was completed on Thursday! Hallelujah! It was "our plan", along with the contractor, to have the building completed today, Friday! However, according to the contractor, the demolition was more of a challenge than he imagined. Apparently, there were a few strong components remaining in the structure. Who knew!  

Below, you will see photos of the old building, the demolition process, including a few surprises, as well as preparation for the new foundation. Take a gander at the progress.  

Why did they stop working?
Oh!  Wow!  A scorpion.
And a snake skin!  Yikes!

Stay tuned for more updates and the completed building!

Baraka (Blessings),

Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

Let the Demolition Begin...

"X" marks the spot...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever made your request known to God with a hint of doubt, fear or worry? Have you ever prayed, believing God would answer, yet you were concerned about the naysayers, complainers and doubters? If not keep living, as Grandma would say.

In all honesty, these are just two, of many thoughts, that lingered in the back of our minds as we attempted (for over a year) to raise funds to Rebuild the Nursery, in Isiolo. But God! As usual, he showed himself mighty and strong. Once again, he reiterated our two ministry scriptures.  

  1. you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. Isaish 58:12b


      2.  so that people may see and know, may consider and understand, that the hand of the LORD has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it. Isaiah 41:20

With these two words of confirmation etched in our hearts, we appreciate those who prayed for the success of the fundraiser! THANK YOU! We are especially thankful for the 23 individuals who GAVE, for the sake of the children, in Isiolo! THANK YOU!

With a final goal of $3,000, a total of $3,370 was donated, in slightly under two months! You could say we are tickled pink, or purple, since one of us doesn't like pink. LOL!

Demolition begins TODAY! The contractor is set to tear down the old building today. By Wednesday, he will restore the foundation and prepare to REBUILD. Ain't that good news!! The "plan" is to have the building completed on Friday, Dec. 4th. We solicit your prayers for:

  • a successful demolition, without injury to the workers
  • the safety of all involved during the rebuild
  • the rebuild to be completed on schedule, within the agreed upon budget
  • a standard of excellence in all things
Thank you in advance for your prayers. We have already seen the hand of God in this process so we trust and believe he will complete the task, all for His glory!

Special thanks to Ron and Juanita Lewis. God touched their hearts to launch the fundraiser, after reading about the need for a new nursery, for the safety of the children and all for His glory! THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for updates and photos of the completed building!

Baraka (Blessings),

Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

Yesterday! Today! Missing Bigma!

Yesterday, I was completely overtaken with thoughts of you.  So many wonderful memories of a life well lived.  You have remained in my heart and on my mind since the day you left us so many years ago.  I understand why God loved you so. Your smile, your unconditional love, your flapjack biscuits and your long warm embraces made a bad day good.  There are days when I still can't believe you are no longer here...Bigma!

Bigma, is my Great Grandmother.  Yes….IS!  Because she lives on.  She lives in my heart and she lives on through my Dad, Ginny Poo, Grandma Ida, Aunt Teenie, Uncle Joe, and so many dear family members...Bigma!

She was our rock.  A rock that taught us how to stand on our own, whether we wanted to or not :-) ...Bigma!

What was so special about yesterday?  As I sat in church, it was as if Bigma passed right by me..and sat. This has never happened to me before but I welcomed the experience. An elderly woman entered the sanctuary and sat right next to me. She was Bigma's complexion and build, though somewhat shorter.  In the midst of praise and worship, with a big smile on my face, I turned to the woman and said, "Good morning". She looked up, smiled politely and said "Morning".  Wow! I thought. She even sounds like Bigma and she smells just like her too!  I exhaled and inhaled even deeper; not once, not twice but three (ok, four) times, trying to pinpoint exactly which one of Bigma's  scents had arrested the attention of my olfactory senses.  I still can't pinpoint the specific scent…but that's ok.  It's ok because even today, I am still reminiscing about my time with Bigma, as I attempt to make that determination.

Was I smelling her homemade biscuits?  Was I smelling her pinto beans, with the floating ham bone?  Was I smelling her infamous baked chicken?  Was it her sweet potato pie or her rice pudding, with extra raisins?  Was it her fried fatback or the smell of a home cured ham, baking in the oven?  Honestly, I don't think it was any of those scents but I enjoyed the memories that were conjured up as I remembered Bigma. Simply put, I think it was a soft fragrance the woman possessed, that until yesterday I only smelled on…Bigma!  All I know for sure is that this lovely woman, with a sweet smile and an even sweeter spirit was sitting next to me.  And I am STILL convinced she was placed there so I could take a walk down memory lane…I did, and I am doing, just that.

I'm grateful for the memories I have of Bigma.  So many wonderful memories.  Yesterday, I had a tangible representation of her sitting right next to me, in one of  her favorite places….CHURCH.   We sang some of her favorite hymns.  As a matter of fact, every song we sang, yesterday, during praise and worship, was a hymn.  We even sang "on Christ the solid rock I stand."  I'm so sure she sings that one daily.

As the service came to a close I had a decision to make.  How could I connect the woman and this reminiscent experience, without appearing weird?  The conversation in my head went like this...  "You smell like my Great Grandmother.  You look like her too.  Oh, she's deceased." LOL!  Somehow I didn't think that conversation would be an encouragement. At least, I wanted to shake the hand of Bigma's look - alike and wish her a blessed week.  Lord, is it possible? If so, how? I murmured to myself.  

And then it happened!  Pastor Eric said the magic words, "take the hand of your neighbor and say the final blessing (maybe not his exact words, but you get the picture).  So the woman and I held hands and said the final blessing together.  Prior to releasing her hand I said, "have a blessed week."  She smiled and said the same.  Whoa!  

Thank you Lord, for answering my questions…..which were actually silent prayers.  Another one of your beautiful daughters just made my day.  In my best Mike Tyson voice….I was totally ecstatic.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.  2 Cor. 13:14

And Yesterday!  Today!  Missing Bigma!

It's not always easy serving cross-culturally so many miles away from family.  But in moments like these I am reminded of the depth, height and width of God's love for me, in the midst of serving.  Most importantly, I am reminded through His word.  

By Rev. Sonia C.

Above and Beyond! Wow! Really?

Ever had a friend and/or friends that go above and beyond?  Has your heart ever been so full of gratitude until it's hard to find the right words?  Well this just happened to us….

Roof with missing aluminum sheets and beams.
We prayed for creative ways to raise funds in order to Rebuild the Nursery in Isiolo.  We tried just asking for support and then we tried a t-shirt campaign.  And they both failed miserably. But the need still remained. So we prayed again. Then, one evening, a couple of weeks ago, we received a Facebook message. A good friend wanted to help raise funds to REBUILD the NURSERY in Isiolo. Wow!  Really??? With much joy, excitement and anticipation, we responded with gratitude and scheduled a Skype call to discuss the idea. A few days later….the 60 Day Campaign began, on October 1st. $325USD raised thus far. THANK YOU! The total amount needed is $3,500USD.   Simply amazed and overjoyed.

So this is where YOU come in….

Click on the the link and see our God-Sent Angel! And make your donation as you read... Rebuild Nursery in Isiolo

Here are few more details about this fundraising campaign.  

Frontal view with broken/missing door. 
We "must" rebuild, the Nursery, for the safety of our children. The original classroom was constructed several years ago, by a volunteer men's team from the US. Since that time, the condition of the building has drastically deteriorated, to the point that it is unsafe for our children and indeed the community. The Nursery is in the same community as The Lord's Well, a huge success and blessing to Aremiet and surrounding villages, so the community knows this is not our best work.

Who? "60+ pre-schoolers" attend the Aremiet Nursery School, which is located in the Aremiet Village in Isiolo. The one-room building where the children meet is literally falling down around them.  Half of the roof has blown away, the doors have fallen off, large pieces of the cement wall are collapsing and the dust from the dirt floor causes respiratory illnesses.  

Why Rebuild? The Local Government has asked us to rebuild NOT repair the building.  Yes! The need is just that critical. Funding for this project will enable use to tear down and rebuild the current structure, adding a cement floor. Eliminating the risk of injury and possibly death. We have secured a capable and legitimate contractor, who is ready to complete the assignment but we must have the funds, in hand, first. They are waiting on us!

Please share this Blog with others and help Rebuild the Nursery in Isiolo!

Thank you, 

Sonia and Sonji
℅ Our Isiolo Babies

Help Rebuild Our Children's Nursery in Isiolo, Kenya!

HOW KEN-YA HELP???  We are so glad you asked….

HOW?       CLICK HERE to place your order!
By clicking HERE you can order an item with our logo and donate to rebuild our nursery at the same time.  Your order can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

WHAT?     A lovely KenYa Believe It Shirt!
We will receive a percentage of the total cost for each item sold to raise money for the new nursery. We must raise $3500 USD.  We must sell a minimum of 125 shirts for this campaign to be a success. We need YOUR support to make this happen.

Additional Photos Below
WHY?        To REBUILD the Nursery, in Isiolo. The building is now falling apart and has been declared A HAZARD for the children.   The front door has fallen off, the windows are gaping holes, large portions of the cement has fallen away and most of the roof has been blow away by the Isiolo wind.  The community has patched the structure as much as possible to no avail.  Since the nursery was built several years ago, by a mission team we led it is our responsibility to rebuild the structure.

WHERE?    AREMIET Community ("the bush"), Isiolo Kenya.

WHEN?      NOW!  We have only 10 days remaining in this fundraising effort.  Your order will be processed once we meet our goal of 125 items sold.  Every day counts!  Every order counts!  YOUR order counts!

If you would like to make a monetary donation for this fundraiser please click HERE for more information.

We look forward to processing your order soon!

Baraka (Blessings)!

Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

Maisha Pamoja (Life Together) T-Shirt Campaign

Only 2 days remaining!  Purchase TODAY for your chance to win a fabulous prize. Maisha Pamoja means Life Together in Swahili. Seek Just...