Our Kenyan Version of Uncle Si: He thought he could see also....

Sooo, after hitting three speed bumps at a high speed and hearing "sorry, sorry" (don't forget to roll the R), AND after driving into a hole large enough for the entire left side of the vehicle to disappear (and again hear "sorry, sorry" - roll the R again)....I decided to ask our dear friend, brother and driver, Francis, a question. 

Me: Francis 

Him: Yes.

Me: Do you need spectacles?

Him: Who me? (Laughter)

Me: (and Sonji) - Laughter). Yes.

Him: No. I can see. My eyes are good. I didn't SEE the hole. (lots of laughter).

Us: More laughter.

Me: Mmmmmm...are you sure?

Him: Yes. I can see. (Laughter). You are enjoying me.

Us: Wow! I guess we are.....really?

Still NOT convinced that our brother can see.


Love Francis...and he will drive for us again. Just NOT tomorrow. 

By Sonia C.

Praise Report!

After a year and a half of prayer, meetings, prayer meetings, paperwork, many office visits, standing in lines, patience, PRAYER, blood, sweat, tears and MORE PRAYERS....our Kenya Work Visas have been finalized.  Thank you Lord!  Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. ...to God be the glory!

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