Our Kenyan Version of Uncle Si: He thought he could see also....

Sooo, after hitting three speed bumps at a high speed and hearing "sorry, sorry" (don't forget to roll the R), AND after driving into a hole large enough for the entire left side of the vehicle to disappear (and again hear "sorry, sorry" - roll the R again)....I decided to ask our dear friend, brother and driver, Francis, a question. 

Me: Francis 

Him: Yes.

Me: Do you need spectacles?

Him: Who me? (Laughter)

Me: (and Sonji) - Laughter). Yes.

Him: No. I can see. My eyes are good. I didn't SEE the hole. (lots of laughter).

Us: More laughter.

Me: Mmmmmm...are you sure?

Him: Yes. I can see. (Laughter). You are enjoying me.

Us: Wow! I guess we are.....really?

Still NOT convinced that our brother can see.


Love Francis...and he will drive for us again. Just NOT tomorrow. 

By Sonia C.

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