Above and Beyond! Wow! Really?

Ever had a friend and/or friends that go above and beyond?  Has your heart ever been so full of gratitude until it's hard to find the right words?  Well this just happened to us….

Roof with missing aluminum sheets and beams.
We prayed for creative ways to raise funds in order to Rebuild the Nursery in Isiolo.  We tried just asking for support and then we tried a t-shirt campaign.  And they both failed miserably. But the need still remained. So we prayed again. Then, one evening, a couple of weeks ago, we received a Facebook message. A good friend wanted to help raise funds to REBUILD the NURSERY in Isiolo. Wow!  Really??? With much joy, excitement and anticipation, we responded with gratitude and scheduled a Skype call to discuss the idea. A few days later….the 60 Day Campaign began, on October 1st. $325USD raised thus far. THANK YOU! The total amount needed is $3,500USD.   Simply amazed and overjoyed.

So this is where YOU come in….

Click on the the link and see our God-Sent Angel! And make your donation as you read... Rebuild Nursery in Isiolo

Here are few more details about this fundraising campaign.  

Frontal view with broken/missing door. 
We "must" rebuild, the Nursery, for the safety of our children. The original classroom was constructed several years ago, by a volunteer men's team from the US. Since that time, the condition of the building has drastically deteriorated, to the point that it is unsafe for our children and indeed the community. The Nursery is in the same community as The Lord's Well, a huge success and blessing to Aremiet and surrounding villages, so the community knows this is not our best work.

Who? "60+ pre-schoolers" attend the Aremiet Nursery School, which is located in the Aremiet Village in Isiolo. The one-room building where the children meet is literally falling down around them.  Half of the roof has blown away, the doors have fallen off, large pieces of the cement wall are collapsing and the dust from the dirt floor causes respiratory illnesses.  

Why Rebuild? The Local Government has asked us to rebuild NOT repair the building.  Yes! The need is just that critical. Funding for this project will enable use to tear down and rebuild the current structure, adding a cement floor. Eliminating the risk of injury and possibly death. We have secured a capable and legitimate contractor, who is ready to complete the assignment but we must have the funds, in hand, first. They are waiting on us!

Please share this Blog with others and help Rebuild the Nursery in Isiolo!

Thank you, 

Sonia and Sonji
℅ Our Isiolo Babies

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