Help Rebuild Our Children's Nursery in Isiolo, Kenya!

HOW KEN-YA HELP???  We are so glad you asked….

HOW?       CLICK HERE to place your order!
By clicking HERE you can order an item with our logo and donate to rebuild our nursery at the same time.  Your order can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

WHAT?     A lovely KenYa Believe It Shirt!
We will receive a percentage of the total cost for each item sold to raise money for the new nursery. We must raise $3500 USD.  We must sell a minimum of 125 shirts for this campaign to be a success. We need YOUR support to make this happen.

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WHY?        To REBUILD the Nursery, in Isiolo. The building is now falling apart and has been declared A HAZARD for the children.   The front door has fallen off, the windows are gaping holes, large portions of the cement has fallen away and most of the roof has been blow away by the Isiolo wind.  The community has patched the structure as much as possible to no avail.  Since the nursery was built several years ago, by a mission team we led it is our responsibility to rebuild the structure.

WHERE?    AREMIET Community ("the bush"), Isiolo Kenya.

WHEN?      NOW!  We have only 10 days remaining in this fundraising effort.  Your order will be processed once we meet our goal of 125 items sold.  Every day counts!  Every order counts!  YOUR order counts!

If you would like to make a monetary donation for this fundraiser please click HERE for more information.

We look forward to processing your order soon!

Baraka (Blessings)!

Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji

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