Interns: At-A-Glance

Greetings All,

This last week has been a world wind, in a good way!

The Lord blessed our Interns with safe travel and arrival to Kenya.  And we are grateful!  On behalf of Omega, Onnica, Nakisha and the two of us (Rev. Sonia and Rev. Sonji) thank you for your prayers!

Karibu Kenya!
Onnica and Nakisha arrived on Fri., June 14th from the US.  At the point of this photo it had not yet set in that they were actually in Kenya.  We all were still processing the reality of the dream and vision God planted several years ago.

Interns and Texas Mission Team members.
Sunday we attended services at Ridgeways Baptist Church, where Pastor Elijah is the Senior Pastor.  We worshiped at Youth Church and Onnica and Nakisha shared their testimonies, along with these beautiful ladies, from Texas, USA.  As a matter of fact, they traveled with Miss Black USA 2010-2011.  It was a pleasure and an honor to be in the same service; to encourage and support one another,  while doing the same for the youth at Ridgeways.

Karibu Kenya!
Omega arrived on Sun., June 16th, from China.  She arrived early in the afternoon and still had energy to spare.  Karibu Kenya, Omega!

First day of Swahili classes.
Last week the Interns began Swahili lessons at The Language Center, in Nairobi.  The school is approximately a two-mile walk from our home.  They will attend classes three days a week.  They LOVE their Mwalimu (teacher) Linah.  And if you could sit in just one of her classes you would fully understand.  She's an absolute delight and makes learning fun.  Can you tell we she was our teacher also?  Hahaha...

All smiles from Titiyo.
The ladies traveled with us to Nyahururu, which is about three hours outside of Nairobi.  We visited our little boy Titiyo, at P.A.C.E. Academy.  You might remember Titiyo from one of our communities in Isiolo.  Missionary Janice and Dr. Dorris introduced us to P.A.C.E. and we are glad about it.  Thank you!  Because of "one" sponsor in the US Titiyo is now receiving a quality education.  Praise God!  We ask that you pray for Titiyo because he is having some difficulty in school.  This is mainly due to the fact that he began school so late so he's a little behind.  BUT God!  We are grateful for the wonderful staff at the school, especially his teacher, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide tutoring, outside of the normal school hours.  It is our prayer that God will bless his Mwalimu, and restore all that she has given as a sacrifice to ensure Titiyo's success in school.

Pastor Mugu led us on a tour of the academy.  But, in these photos you see Titiyo proudly giving us a tour of his classroom.  He's also sharing his Exercise Books and classwork.  We are not sure who was more proud, Titiyo or us.  What a major testimony to the faithfulness of God!
Pastor Mugu and Titiyo.

An added bonus to our time in Nyahururu was the time spent with Dr. Dorris and her two Interns, Ebony and Alyse.  Special thanks to Dr. Dorris for welcoming us into her home for a meal.  We all had a great time sharing stories, eating and just plain old fellowship.  We look forward to seeing these wonderful women of God before they leave Kenya.  Group photo!
Our visit with Dr. Dorris and her Interns from the US.

This short clip gives you an idea of how rough the roads were  as we traveled to and from Nyahururu.  Believe it or not....there was actually pavement on the road.  Ken-Ya Believe It!

Last week the Interns visited Marurui Primary School in Marurui Slums, to meet the director, the teachers and students, whom they will be working with for the summer (in the US) and the winter (in Kenya).  Yep!  It's winter here.  Pretty chilly at night.  Omega, Onnica and Nakisha are excited about their assignments.  The areas of focus are Christian Religious Education (I.e. Bible Study, English and Mathematics).  We serve an amazing God!  The school has given the Interns the freedom to serve "outside the box" as God leads, to ensure that they, the students and staff get the most of our the experience.  Amen!
Students at Marurui Primary School.
Last Saturday, we hosted a Welcome Sleepover for Interns.  Eleven ladies from our "Reformed" Bad Girls Bible Study attended.  The afternoon was full of fun, food, fellowship and LOTS of laughter!  Many of the ladies were up until weeeeeee hours of the morning while others turned in early.  The evening ended in true Kenyan style.....we went to bed with no power and awakened to no power.  It comes with the territory!  However, everyone was dressed, fed and ready for church, ON TIME.  Only God!
"Reformed" Bad Girls.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Sounds like there's lots going on and so much to be thankful for. We continue to pray all.

  2. Woohoo! thanks for loving on interns! This post is great!


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