Preparation, Learning: Learning, Preparation...Repeat

So today we spent a good portion of the day at language school learning KiSwahili.  If one more person says "Swahili" is an easy language to learn"...we will no longer need to blog because the screams will resonate to every, nation and tribe, including those in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the earth!  LOL!

Seriously, while learning a new language brings many challenges it has been a wonderful journey, thus far.  It's most wonderful because of all the new people we have been able to meet and develop relationships with due to our interest in learning Swahili and not being ashamed of "being laughed at" by practically everyone.   Old relationships have deepened as well. God be the glory for the great things He has done and shall continue to do through our language learning experiences.

As a result of new friends and new relationships, our classmates and one of our teachers will join us for lunch this Thursday.  Imagine, they are excited about having breakfast for lunch.  Yep!  We have introduced our friends to the wonderful world of eating eggs, bacon, homemade applesauce, toast, potatoes and onions, coffee and orange juice FOR LUNCH!  Woooo hoooo....can you tell we are excited?

In addition to language learning, we are also preparing, daily, to receive the 2012 Medical Mission Team.   They arrive in Kenya on Friday, August 31, 2012, just a few short days away.  So we made a list (many months ago) and now we are checking it two, three and four times.  The list includes re-confirming Kenyan medical professionals that will join the team; securing additional medications, lodging, transportation and food options; confirming on the field cross-cultural training (the learning NEVER stops), and so much more.  Whew!  Though it sounds like a lot (and it is) we wouldn't trade nothing for this journey (a double negative - yes!)!

So with all that we have going on, you might wonder how we have time to communicate via blogging, Facebook and/or our newsletter.  So glad you asked... :-)  We figured we would share as many stories as possible NOW because in just a few days we may not have the time nor the opportunity to touch the computer.  So hopefully we are providing enough for everyone to read, pray over and ponder, until we meet again.

Well, that's enough communicato (yes, we meant to say communicato) for right now.

Remember, we are ALL blessed to be a blessing.....Ken-Ya Believe It!  Yes you can...(corny but funny)! :-)  LOL!

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