Peace Be Still!

This picture describes the day perfectly!  Today was a challenging but good day in language school.  Challenging in the sense that we learned new words, words tenses and so much more.  The challenges with language learning have paid off already because we are able to communicate much better with Kenyans. Thank you Lord!  So we will continue to press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus, and we look forward to speaking Swahili fluently "one" day - in Jesus' Name!

But the highlight of the day was spending time with our Swahili classmates and one of our teachers (walimu).  The other day we mentioned having them over for lunch.  The lunch was only the vehicle God sought to use in order to bring us closer together.  The greatest part of the experience, again, was developing deeper relationships and getting to know one another better.  We learned more about one another with no preconceived notions, no pretense, no judgements and no agenda.....just plain old authenticity in conversation and relating to one another.  We all cleaned up at the end of lunch and watched Tyler Perry's Good Deeds.  It was a wonderful afternoon of sister - time!  Awesome!

So the picture and our afternoon have so much in common.  The photo is absolutely beautiful.  It was taken several weeks ago during our first visit to Maasai Mara and the beginning of the Wildebeast Migration, also known as The Eighth Wonder of the World.

You may wonder what the picture and our afternoon have in common.  The photo and the afternoon represent two very different, yet absolutely fantastic experiences, in the midst of so much turmoil, hard ache and pain. The Mara is a beautiful place that thousands of people visit year after year.  But on the road to the Mara there's famine, disease, brokenness and lost souls.  This afternoon was great; and yet as we traveled to our place for lunch, with our friends, we passed many hurting and hungry people.

Peace be still!  That's what the picture and the afternoon represents for us.  Yes, peace be still.  God sees the famine on the road to the Mara and on the road to our place.  He knows the circumstances of every person we passed.....and though our hearts are grateful to share in these beautiful moments, they are also torn at the thought of many that would love to visit the Mara or "sit at a table" for a meal.   He sees all and knows all.  Peace be still!  So that they may see, know, consider and understand that I the Lord has done this.  Peace be still!

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