Thanks, Blessings, Sleepless Nights and A Vehicle!

Thanks... to all of our donors!  Thanks to Bishop Alexander and The Park Church, Charlotte, NC, for your current financial support.  Thanks to everyone who prays for us on a consistent basis. Without your prayers we would not survive!  Your prayers sustain us, daily!  Special thanks to ALL of our financial donors.  It's not the size of your gift but the consistent sacrifice you make so that we can serve full - time in Kenya.  Thank you!  AND to every person that has emailed, texted, called, or mailed a package...Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  May God continue to richly bless each of you and return to you one hundred-fold all you have given to expand the Kingdom of our God.

Blessings.... God has blessed us immensely in 2013.  The year has been rewarding and exciting in many ways.  Rekindled new kinships, developed new kinships, expanded ministry and much more.  Highlights include "two" visions that God allowed to come true, by way of hosting Interns and the successful launch of Kamp Kenya.  It was our desire to provide the ultimate cross - cultural adventure for youth, from the US, between the ages of 13 - 18.  That dream came true, this year, as we hosted eight youth and two chaperones, from The Park Church (TPC), for thirteen days.  We were also able to host three Interns for the summer, two from TPC for eight weeks, and one student from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, for five weeks.  Our next blog will have more details about how both of these amazing opportunities blessed us, the participants and so many of our Kenyan sisters and brothers.
Interns with Tittiyo!
Sleepless Nights... God has also sustained us through many sleepless nights, disappointments, stressful days and family illnesses.  God continues to show himself as the ALL SUFFICIENT ONE!  Through the Holy Spirit, we experienced Christ as friend, comforter, keeper, healer, deliver and provider of all things.  Thanks to everyone who prayed for (and continues to pray for) our families during their illnesses and during our time in the US.  Rev. Crawley's Mother (Sylvia) is a walking miracle and God continues to bless and keep her Mom and her Dad... Great IS thy faithfulness.  Rev. Pass' Brother (Jeffrey), is a physical manifestation His stripes we are healed.  We ask that you continue to pray not only for Mom Crawley and Brother Jeffrey, but for our families, as a whole.

Just a sample photo.
Vehicle... Ken-Ya Believe It?  .....we are STILL in desperate need of a vehicle.  April 2014 will mark two years of full - time service in Kenya.  Praise God!  Where has the time gone?  That means we have been "Serving Christ in Kenya" without our own transportation for the same length of time, YET, God has been and still is faithful.  He continues to exceed our expectations, as we serve Him.  He continues to remind us that He alone is the provider of ALL things.  In the midst of the disappointments and struggles He continues to whisper "that they my see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it" (Isaiah 41:20).  No man or women can lay claim to what He has done in our lives; in, with and through the ministry in Kenya.   

You may remember our attempt to raise $25,000 for an all - terrain vehicle, while in the US last Spring.  Unfortunately, we were unable to meet our goal.  In addition, we were anticipating the receipt of $5,000 to purchase a small vehicle for local transportation, UNTIL we could raise the money needed to purchase the all - terrain vehicle.  We found several small vehicles (the first deal fell through) but we were unable to secure the funds to make the purchase.  Now, we are forfeiting the small vehicle and are focusing ALL of our efforts on obtaining funds to purchase the all - terrain vehicle.  We need a minimum of $12,000USD to purchase the vehicle and need all of the funds by the end of December.  WE NEED YOUR HELP, TODAY!

Allow us to share some of the positives and the negatives of NOT having our own transportation, for the last nineteen months: 

The Positive:
  • We get exercise.....walk....walk....walk. (Although not advisable in certain parts of Nairobi).
  • We have developed new relationships with natives, as a result of our creative means of travel. 
  • Established relationships have been strengthened, again, as a result of our creative means of travel.  Local business owners extended their transportation services, in order to help us serve more effectively (Example: During tourism off season, two individuals that own transportation companies offer their personal vehicles and company vans, free of charge and/or with major discount prices, in order to decrease our expenses).  This is an AMAZING testimony to the favor of God when you understand Kenyan Culture.
The Negative:
  • We are having to pay some ministry expenses from our own pockets, out of our small annual salary.  This is NOT our preference we are grateful that God continues to stretch what we have for ministry purposes and our personal needs are met.
  • We have passed on/forfeited ministry opportunities due to the lack of resources for and/or transportation.
  • Safety of vehicle-for-hire is a major concern.  Many times if the rate is cheaper the vehicle may not be in the best condition for travel.
  • The transportation budget line item was completely exhausted the first six months of the year.
  • Cost of hiring a vehicle within Nairobi is $35USD, per day.
  • Cost of hiring an all - terrain vehicle for travel to and from Isiolo, is $350 for three days (50% more than 2012).  Isiolo is 3 1/2 hours from Nairobi and then to "the bush".
Benefits of Owning a Vehicle:

  • The vehicle will meet our needs and decrease our current monthly transportation budget by approximately $500 per month.
  • With our own vehicle we would only incur the cost of fuel and maintenance.
  • Confidence in safety of vehicle, as maintenance of the vehicle would be ours.
  • Ability to expand and respond to ministry needs as the opportunity presents itself.

So how Ken-Ya help?  We are asking you to give in one of the following categories:

  1. Be 1 of 3 people to give $4,000 and we have the $12,000 we need for the vehicle.
  2. Be 1 of 6 people to give $2,000 and we have the $12,000 we need for the vehicle.
  3. Be 1 of 12 people to give $1,000 and we have the $12,000 we need for the vehicle.
  4. Be 1 of 24 people to give $500 and we have the $12,000 we need for the vehicle.
  5. Be 1 of 48 people to give $250 and we have the $12,000 we need for the vehicle
  6. Be one of many that donate towards the $12,000 we need for the vehicle.
Which one will you do, TODAY?  All donations are tax - deductible.  Make your donation BEFORE December 31, 2013.  Make it a group project to increase the size of your donation!  Organize your group, share our need(s) for the vehicle, choose an amount to donate, set a collection date and a donation date and MAKE IT HAPPEN!  This is an opportunity for you to become a donor and partner with the ministry in Kenya, and a great way to help us serve more effectively.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TODAY!  

Here's how to donate for the vehicle.   ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX - DEDUCTIBLE.  ALL donations must be mailed to The Mission Society.  Donations must be specific to the vehicle.  Please write:  CRAWLEY/PASS VEHICLE on the memo line.

Mail to:
The Mission Society
P. O. Box 922637
Norcross, GA 30010

You may also donate online by clicking on one of the "DONATE TODAY" buttons in the right-hand column of this page.  Remember, even online, ALL donations must include the Memo: CRAWLEY/PASS VEHICLE.

Email us at with questions. 


Sonia Crawley and Sonji Pass

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